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Unique Forgings
Unique Forgings was started in the year 1987 by qualified technocrats, and manufactures forgings & machined components as per customer’s specifications for industrial use and automobile industry. The company is approved by various prestigious customers.

Product Range :
Open Forging : Single Piece up to 3000 kg.
Close Die Forging : Single Piece up to 35 kgs

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Open Die Forging Technology in India

Forging is the process when metal is transformed into complex shapes with drop hammer and a hydraulic press. Some modern industrial procedures have been around for quite a long time.

Brief intro about forging lubricants and forging components in India

Deciding on right lubricant for forging components is one of the most crucial steps to success. The lubricants are especially designed to manufacture or design forged parts well.

Explain Advanced Forging Manufacturing Technology - forging manufacturers India

Either by product, management or process, forging industry always meets the criteria of advance manufacturing. Forging industry is vibrant with technology challenges and advance manufacturing processes.

Forging manufacturers & exporters are developing new die material interfaces and improving modeling software, and forging operations

Forging manufacturers & exporters in India are developing new die materials that not only reduces total cost of ownership but simplifies operations in cloud environment.

Forging companies India - 2016 Forging Business Outlook

The effective data transformation has changed manufacturing to technology business today. There was a time when manufacturers were not seriously committed for time, resources and employees to complete this task.

Forging your own steel at home – Tips by leading manufacturers in India

Metal is always great to work with as it is tough, malleable and conductive in nature. It offers great flexibility to design different pieces as per clients’ needs and specifications.

Steel Forgings India – Different processes are explained

Steel can be seen everywhere in our daily life and it has great influence on mankind. However, steel cannot be used in raw form and it should be transformed well for better usage with different applications.

Importance of forging process in many metal manufacturing industries

Forging is the main ascent metal forming manufacturing method which includes the shaping of metals with the help of varied compressive forces.

Precision Forging Manufacturing process and Precision Forging

In modern days, Advance and latest technological in the metal forging method as well as in the design of die, have allowed for the growth of precision forging.

Forging Companies in India developing most intricate designs precisely

Forging Companies in India defines forging as metal manipulation technique withstand high pressure. It is a process usually involves heating of metal up to certain temperature.