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Unique Forgings
Unique Forgings was started in the year 1987 by qualified technocrats, and manufactures forgings & machined components as per customer’s specifications for industrial use and automobile industry. The company is approved by various prestigious customers.

Product Range :
Open Forging : Single Piece up to 3000 kg.
Close Die Forging : Single Piece up to 35 kgs

Forgings Companies in India developing most intricate designs precisely

Forged parts have high tensile strength and mechanical strength as compared to other metals. The forging components are highly suitable for devices depend on reliable mechanical operations.

The other definition by forging companies includes developing most intricate designs precisely based on customers’ specifications. The most common types of forging include – open die forgings, close die forgings, cold forgings and seamless roller forgings. The process has plenty of advantages but some disadvantages too associated with it.

What are the benefits?
Forging is beneficial process from the point of surface finishing and strength. Whenever you start forging process, dies are required to complete the process. Dies are basically upper and lower portion of component when combined together product is formed.

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Forged products are always stronger than parts formed by casting. Steel and iron are most common choices during forging and casting. Both metals are well known for their physical strength and strength. When they are heated on certain temperature, it is easy to transform them into desired shape. Forging assures précised designing without any flaws or defects.

Is there any drawbacks?
Forging is not suitable for the products that have to go through second mechanical process. Forging process is even expensive and hard too. If you have not skilled labors or your budget is low then you should think of using forging manufacturing process.

At the bottom line, you can conclude that forging is established metal shaping process giving plenty of benefits to forgings companies india and associated clients. However, it is costly to set up for individual companies or operators but it assures remarkable and durable forging products at the end.