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Quality Lab

Quality Lab

At Unique Forgings, we have well-established metallurgical, physical and NDT testing facilities to cover various chemical, metallurgical, physical, mechanical and NDT tests.

Different types of gauges, instruments and equipment for measurement and inspection are available for CHEMICAL, AND METALLURGICAL TESTING EQUIPMENT such as Spectrometer for chemical analysis (Bruker-make), Portable Alloy Analyzer Bruker-make (PMI MACHINE,) Alloy analyser (Spectral) Spark Teste, Jominy Testing Facility consists of Double Disc Polisher, Cut off Machine, Belt Polisher Metallurgical Microscope With facility for Photograph Software to Analyse Microstructure Templates for Macro analysis, Grain Size, Inclusion Rating.

MECHANICAL/PHYSICAL TESTING EQUIPMENT such as Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, and Digital Hardness Tester.

NDT TESTING EQUIPMENT such as Magnetic Particle Testing Machine, Ultra Sonic Testing Machine, and Dye Penetrant Testing Facility.

MEASURING AND INSPECTION INSTRUMENTsuch as Surface Plates Measuring Instruments (Vernier, Micrometer, Scale), Height Gauges 24", Slip Gauges Ring Gauges (Go & No Go), Plug Gauges (Go & No Go), Piston Caliper Bevel Protector, and Optical Pyrometer Digital Meter For Temperature Measurement (Contact method).