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Unique Forgings
Unique Forgings was started in the year 1987 by qualified technocrats, and manufactures forgings & machined components as per customer’s specifications for industrial use and automobile industry. The company is approved by various prestigious customers.

Product Range :
Open Forging : Single Piece up to 3000 kg.
Close Die Forging : Single Piece up to 35 kgs
Quality assurance plan

Company is approved by various government bodies like. R.D.S.O, D.G.Q.A, approve company, as well as by various third party inspection agencies and clients.

In general the product is manufactured with certification authority which could be internal, third party or client.

Quality management system adopted at Unique Forgings is updated to meet ISO: 9001: 2000 requirement and this signifies the move of the company towards total quality management.
Testing & Inspection Facilities :
  • Chemical Test Lab
  • Jominy testing facility
  • Rockwell Hardness testing machine
  • Brinell Hardness testing machine
  • Universal Tensile testing machine
  • Magnetic Particle testing machine
  • D.P & Ultra Sonic testing facilities
  • Various types of measuring instruments / Inspection Guages
  • 28 Channel Immersion spectrometer. (WAS - Make)

Sr. No. Activity Description Reference Documents Acceptance Criteria Formet of Record Performer
1. Raw Material
1.1 Raw Material Procurement review of chemistry Mat. Specn/Chemical Sheet Mat. Specn./P.O./ T.D.C. P.O.RMTC Purchaser QCI
1.2 Raw Material Inspection and Check Testing per heat if required Mat.Specn/Chemical sheet Mat. Specn./P.O. / T.D.C. RMTC Check Test TC RMIR QCI
2. Manufacturing Process Control
2.1 Cutting Work Instruction Cutting Slip Cutting Slip Production Incharge
2.2 Forging Forging Drawing Work Instrucrion Forging Drawing Sample approved register / Drawing Operator
2.3 Machining / Heat treatment Drawing / work Instruction / Mat. Spcn. P.O. / T.D.C. / Drawing Drawing H. T. Record Operator
2.4 Galvanizing if required P.O. / Mat. Specn / T.D.C. P.O. / Mat. Specn / T.D.C. - Galvanizer
3. Inspection & Testing
3.1 Sample Proof machining / NDT ir required Drawing / Mat. Specn. / P.O. Drawing T.D.C. / P.O. Inspector Report QCI
3.2 Mechanical Testing Mat. Specn / P.O. Mat. Specn / P.O. / T.D.C. Test Certificate Test Lab.
3.3 Final visual & dimensional Inspection and Documentation Mat. Specn / T.D.C. / P.O. Mat. Specn / T.D.C. / P.O. Inspection Report Material Test Certificate QCI
4. Packing & Despatch
4.1 Packing Work instruction P.O. Packing Slip / Tag. Store Incharge
4.2 Despatch P.O. - DC/Invoice/GR/LR Despatch Incharge

Note :
1. All the stages are inspected and controlled by the concerned department of Unique Forgings.
2. Client T. P. A. or Q. C. department may be requested to identify stages for their Participation.
3. L O I / F O I / TELE TALK is also considered as P.O..

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